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Susana Pineda & The New Quartet

Susana Pineda plays her original music and arrangements accompanied by her international band. Alongside her co-leader, musical director and drummer, Zach Mondlick, she blends her tropical and South American rhythms with modern jazz. Their album Neotropical, is a musical fusion of the modern and the traditional, the city and the nature, of North and South America.

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A Latin, world, fusion, voice and guitar duo that combines two cultures, two backgrounds and two languages, creating one. This exciting project is a collaboration between Susana Pineda & Luis Salcedo in which they explore the frontiers of folk, rock, Latin grooves, as well as the many vibrant colors of jazz.

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Susana & her Latin American and Jazz Standards

Here you will find Susana singing  four of her favorite Latin American songs  in Spanish and Portuguese. "Cravo e Canela" is a Brazilian tune written by Milton Nacimento. This  version is arranged and performed by Marcos Silva, also featuring Scott Thompson, Dillon Vado and Zach Mondlick.  "Hay Amores" is a Colombian bolero written by Shakira, "Danza Negra" is a Colombian cumbia written by Lucho Bermúdez,  and "Chega de Saudade" a classic bossa nova by Tom Jobim.

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